Dierks Bentley Sounding Off in New Online Video Series

He Offers Behind-the-Scenes Details of Upcoming Sounds of Summer Tour

What could be better than the anticipation of seeing one of your favorite artists like Dierks Bentley hitting the road this summer? How about a sneak peek behind the scenes of the tour?

Bentley has officially launched Sounding Off, a new online video series that will take fans from the beginnings of his upcoming Sounds of Summer tour through the final decisions and launch.

I’m also hearing that openers Kip Moore, Maddie & Tae and Canaan Smith might be making cameo appearances in the series, as well.

It’s a great chance for fans to see just how much work goes into putting together a massive show like this. And this one is apparently set to be like no other show we’ve ever seen from Bentley.

“We’ve been kicking around ideas for the new set list and production for a while now,” he said. “With only a few months left, it’s time to start putting all the pieces together.”

And they’ve been working hard to make it happen. Bentley says last year’s tour is going to be hard to top.

“So many great things came together to make it an unbelievable summer,” Bentley said. “It was the perfect collision of the music with the energy of the fans. I really want them to be able to experience it like I do … get to see more of what happens backstage and what I get to see from the stage looking to the back of the lawn. We’ve got a lot more great memories ahead.”

The 2015 Sounds of Summer Tour launches in Raleigh, North Carolina, on June 5.

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