Trisha Yearwood: “There Was No 10-Year Plan”

The Garth Brooks Tour Has Her Busier Than She's Ever Been

In the new issue of People Country, Trisha Yearwood talks about her world tour with her husband Garth Brooks, her upcoming Christmas duets album with him, her new cookbook, her furniture line and her new cooking show. Just listing it all is exhausting.

And in the story, Yearwood admits, “I would say that in 24 years of touring and making music, this is the busiest I have ever been.”

She says that she never really had a 10-year plan of music + cookbooks + furniture line + cooking show

“I was in Oklahoma attending a lot of soccer games, and I was restless,” she said. “I’m still a creative person, and I was trying to find something I could do and still be at home. The first (cookbook) was with my mom and sister, and to get all our family recipes in one place was just wonderful. All I try to do is make sure I’m walking through doors that make sense to me.”

Now that that crazy busy life is here, though, Yearwood is OK with it — as long as she gets an occasional opportunity to chill.

“We’re happy we get to be together on tour, but I also need a little time on the couch, with the dogs at my feet, reading a book and Garth on a bulldozer somewhere,” she says. “It’s been fast and furious.”