Recap: Party Down South: Some Type o’ Way

Hurricane Martha Strikes Again

In this episode of Party Down South, Hurricane Martha rips through the house. Not to worry, Tiffany (aka the Martha whisperer) is here to help. With a few words of encouragement and a very strange pep talk, involving elephant sounds, Mattie (or Martha) is back on her feet.

But once Hott Dogg asks Mattie if Martha’s around, Martha is back! Note to self: don’t ever call Martha by her own name. It’s such a rookie mistake, Hott Dogg.

While all this drama is going on, Walt is desperately trying to hook up with Lauren’s friend. From the looks of it, he doesn’t get any action. However if you watch Talk of Shame, you may think otherwise.

For round two, Martha decides it’s time for her to get out of dodge. She starts to pack her bags. Hott Dogg can’t believe she’s actually leaving the house for good. However, no one else believes Martha. They all know this from past experience.

Martha is determined to go home that night. All she needs are a few random items in her backpack. Easy! Once she has everything she needs to survive in the wild, Martha is out the door. The house is shocked, except Murray. He knows there’s a real storm coming and Martha does not like to get wet. Sure enough, Martha makes a U-turn and heads straight to bed. Better luck next time, Martha!

What did Martha pack for Mattie, you ask? Mattie wonders the same thing the next morning. Let’s see.

Her backpack is filled with everything a little girl would pack for a slumber party, according to Daddy. Totes adorbs.

Later, Daddy, Lyle, Murray and Walt start planning a guys’ night out. Daddy needs to get his mind off Hott Dogg and what a perfect way to do that than with a few brewskis. But once guys’ night begins, Daddy leaves to hang out with the girls shortly thereafter.

Hold the phone! Daddy leaves guys’ night to hang out with the girls (aka Hott Dogg). What happened to catching marlins and getting’ this mother going? It’s so unlike the Daddy we know and love.

After Daddy leaves the bar, everyone starts dropping like flies. Lyle is out of commission when the remaining three decide to hail a cab.

As for the Terror Twins (aka Murray and Walt), they are pissed. Upon getting back to the house, they start yelling at Daddy and Hott Dogg. These two can’t stand how they keep talking about hooking up and it never happens.

Cut to the next morning. Walt and Murray realize how terrible they were the last night and end up apologizing – whoops. Guess they let their emotions get the best of them.

“I’m pissed off at Lil’ Bit for not being here and I’m taking it out on you,” explains Murray.

“Is this a prank?” wonders Hott Dogg.

No, Hott Dogg, it’s coming from the heart. The Terror Twins are finally laying down their weapons and asking for forgiveness. But later that day, they are right back to talking to Daddy about Hott Dogg. She’s feeling some type o’way and it’s not what Daddy needs right now. He doesn’t want a repeat of last summer. So, he decides to tell her it’s over that evening.

“Why not just take the risk. You never know?” says Hott Dogg.

Meanwhile, Murray is flirting with danger at the bar. He starts to notice that the girl he thought was a sure thing turns out to be a big problem. Soon, this girl starts yelling at the girls about how they are trashy. One thing leads to another, and boom!

It’s the punch felt around the world…

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