Nashville‘s Bundle(s) of Joy

From Newborns to Teenagers, Baby Girls Are Everywhere

Juliette and Avery had their baby girl. So did Rayna and Deacon. I mean, sure, they had theirs about 16 years ago. But the point is: Just because your kids grow up doesn’t mean they aren’t always your babies.

So on Wednesday night’s (April 8) episode of ABC’s Nashville, even though Maddie is a full-grown teenager, she can act like a baby when it’s necessary. Like when her biological father Deacon tells her he has liver cancer — and she shuts him out, literally and emotionally. And like a proper teenager, she makes his cancer diagnosis all about her.

“It’s just a lot, you know? I’m angry. So angry. And not at you or anyone. I’m just angry,” she finally admits to him. He tells her that shutting him out would hurt him more than any cancer. Ain’t that the truth?

And in other baby news, Juliette and Avery finally had theirs. A little girl, who as of the end of the episode was just Baby Girl Barnes-Barkley. Or Baby Girl Barkley-Barnes. (For the sake of all awful alliteration, I hope to God they do not name this baby Barbara.)

Avery almost didn’t make it to the hospital in time, but Baby Girl waited for her dad.

“She’s perfect,” Avery said when he had her in his arms. “There’s nothing more important to me that you and her and this.”

And in more baby news, it should be noted that sometimes, mothers can be babies. So the fit that Juliette had over the guests at her baby shower being the ones on her payroll was not all that remarkable. There are hormones at work, and they can take a pregnant woman on an emotional rollercoaster right before childbirth. Juliette’s rant – “Do I even matter to anyone anymore? Everyone’s got something more important to do than celebrate me and my baby. I would rather have no party than a pity party” — seemed like pretty average expectant-mom nerves, to me.

Other big things happening in Music City included Sadie taking off for Virginia after she was cleared of shooting her ex, Teddy blackmailing his finance guy because he has a mistress and a child on the side and Gunnar trying to win Scarlett back because, to quote Jake Owen, we all want what we ain’t got.