Nashville Recap: Deacon Will Not Write a Sad-Ass Song

Because That's Already Playing in His Head

On Wednesday’s (April 15) episode of Nashville, Juliette finally came up with a name for her baby — Cadence. What she couldn’t come up with, though, was a song for the end credits of her Patsy Cline movie.

So she did the right thing and called in reinforcements. First, her husband Avery, who said no. Then Deacon.

Deacon came over, guitar in hand, and looked like he was thrilled to talk about something other than his cancer, but then when pen hit paper and fingers hit guitar strings, it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine.

Juliette accused him of not writing dark enough, being all surface and not digging deep enough.

“Sometimes, it just doesn’t happen,” he says before leaving, and going home to Rayna to vent about it. “I shouldn’t have gone. I couldn’t come up with anything, and she’s asking me what’s wrong and saying I’m not being real because she wants to write this sad-ass song. I can’t go there right now. Because that’s all I’ve got playing my in damn head all day.”

Maddie is still shut off from Deacon and Rayna, although wide open with her almost-stepdad’s son Colt. Rayna caught them deep in a make-out session at school. Eventually, they all made up.

“This illness is your truth,” Rayna tells Deacon.

Luke and Deacon made up, too. Mostly because he admitted he was sick, so how could Luke stay mad?

Meanwhile, other things happened outside the Rayna/Deacon Bubble.

Layla opened for Jade St. John — played by Christina Aguilera — and the crowd loved her. How’d she manage that gig? St. John’s ex is Layla’s current manager-plus-lover.

Juliette stared at a crying Cadence for hours — showing some signs of postpartum depression — so she hired a nanny.

Avery quit his band because of Juliette’s obvious lack of maternal instincts.

Natasha got her blackmail cash, but then the FBI showed up and things looked like they were going to get ugly.

And Will tried to flirt with his co-writer Kevin. That was an epic love fail, over and over, until they finally kissed at the end of the episode.