Recap: Party Down South: Mixed Drinks and Mixed Signals

It's All in the Family

In this recent episode, we’re picking up where we left off last week. Lyle is immediately bounced out of the bar after Mattie and Tiffany get in their infamous bar brawl. However, Lyle is absolutely graceful in his departure even though his behavior scared Walt’s lady friend away.

“Lyle’s levitating out of the bar,” explains Murray.

Or, perhaps he’s doing ballet?

Once everyone is back at the house and put to bed, it’s lights out except for Lyle, Murray and Walt. Considering Lyle blocked Walt from getting with a marlin, Walt is pissed. Another fight almost breaks out between the two, making it the third altercation of the evening. There must be a full moon — everyone’s acting crazy like werewolves!

Come to find out the next morning, Mattie and Tiffany have no idea of what trouble they got into last night. They piece together their night, come to terms with their hangovers, and get to work on the beach. However, their shift doesn’t last long because Tiffany can’t stand the heat and ends up spilling her breakfast in the sand. So, they head home to recover.

Meanwhile, Hott Dogg is still pining after Daddy. Again, Murray has another observation to share in the form of a Hott Dogg impression.

Later, the guys compete in a hot dog eating contest where Hott Dogg is the judge, of course. She jumps into her signature look — the hot dog costume. Work it, girl!

Lyle is very competitive when it comes to eating contests. He immediately takes to the hot dogs at a very aggressive speed like it’s his last meal. Can you guess who wins?

Later that night, Tiffany surprises the roommates with an invitation to her dad’s house in Eunice, Louisiana, followed by a trip to New Orleans. This means everyone can visit with their families, which sends Mattie over the moon.

Off to Tiffany’s house they go. Everyone is so excited to see their parents that could make it. Even Lyle’s mom arrives with a celebratory duck call the moment she jumps out of the car. Like mother, like son.

After the parents arrive, they start grilling squirrel and other wild animals — yum! Unfortunately, Mattie’s family is running late to the party and she’s bummed out. She remedies this emptiness with a few more shots that lead to a Martha takeover. Politely, Tiffany’s dad asks Mattie (or Martha) if she needs CPR. Note: Tiffany’s dad has a massive crush on Mattie.

Think Mattie will calm down? Will her family even show up to the party or do they skip it altogether? Sound off below and catch an all-new episode of Party Down South every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by Talk of Shame at 10 p.m. PT/ET. And for exclusive news and video, photo galleries and more, head over to, the CMT app, the official Party Down South Facebook page and Twitter using #PartyDownSouth.

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