Miranda Lambert: The Yellow Legal Pad Years

ACM Winner Reflects on the Awards Show Game She Played

Before Miranda Lambert became one of the most awarded and celebrated country artists of her generation, she was just a girl at home in Texas watching awards shows with a pad of paper, a pen and just enough confidence in her ability to pick the winners.

In the recent issue of the Academy of Country Music’s Tempo magazine, Lambert talked about what the ACM Awards meant to her before she was the one winning them.

“I used to sit with a yellow legal pad and name all the artists that were nominated and sort of circle the ones I thought would win,” she said. “It was kind of a game in our house. My mom and dad would take a guess of who they thought were going to win in the categories, and we kind of placed our bets.”

That was back before everything became automatic and probably way before there were Internet polls about who should win, who would win and why. But even though her method of picking winners was kind of old-school, I’m sure her gut instinct was usually right.

If Lambert ever digs those yellow legal pads out of a box in her basement, I’d love to see which winners she predicted.

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