Nashville Recap: Four Little Words That Changed the TV Series Forever

Deacon Gets a Liver, Will Takes a Lover

It started with, “They found a liver.”

Those were the most important four words of Wednesday night’s (April 22) episode of Nashville.

Because that’s what Deacon said when he took the potentially lifesaving phone call from the hospital while he and Rayna and their biological daughter Maddie were at Teddy’s Note by Note fundraiser.

Once they rushed to the hospital, though, it wasn’t a done deal. “You have a fever,” Caleb told Deacon.

So before anybody harvested the liver in Columbus, the surgical team had to make sure Deacon’s body wouldn’t reject the liver.

Throughout the episode, there were more four-word sentences that spoke volumes.

“This is really happening,” Maddie to Rayna.

“Do you wanna pray?” Rayna to Maddie at the hospital.

“The unforgettable Juliette Barnes,” Avery to a Juliette.

“You don’t belong here,” Juliette to Jade about here mere presence in Nashville in her “country Barbie jacket.”

“You are just you,” Jade on the vibe of the Bluebird.

“It’d be crazy great,” Jade’s response to Luke’s request for a kiss.

The worst four words of the night came from Caleb, who is simultaneously Scarlett’s boyfriend and Deacon’s doctor. “We have a problem,” he told Rayna after finding out the donor liver wasn’t as healthy as they’d thought.

In other news, Will and Kevin spent four days in bed and seem like they are falling madly in love.

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