Recap: Party Down South: The Big Uneasy

Is Tiffany Gone for Good?

In this emotional episode of Party Down South, we see their softer sides and find out just how far the apples have fallen from their trees.

We pick up where Mattie is in the bathroom crying about how her family isn’t there. So, Tiffany calms her down and puts her to bed.

“You’re too good for this. You need to remember that,” says Tiffany.

But then, Mattie’s family arrives at around 9 p.m. – perfect party time. Mattie gets up and rallies with the family to the bar. Once they arrive, everyone starts dancing their booties off. This is when Tiffany gives her famous mortified look after mom grinds up behind her.

Now, a night wouldn’t be complete without a visit from Martha, Wild Lyle and the Yeager storm that is Daddy. Martha in particular has the most difficult time leaving the dance party. She doesn’t want the night to end so she throws a mini temper tantrum before getting in the cab.

The next morning, we find out Walt pissed on the couch. Oopsies!

“You know you had a successful night, while Walt pees on your sofa,” says Lyle.

After things are cleaned up, they hit the road for New Orleans. Once they’re there, the guys try to get ladies to show something for beads, but it’s not happening.

“Where’s all the talent? I spent 250 dollars on beads. I shoulda taken that money and hit up a strip club on Bourbon Street,” says Lyle.

Later that evening, Lyle’s buddy shows up and takes an interest in Mattie. Sparks fly, one thing leads to another, and the rest is history. Cut to the next day when they’re back at the house, Mattie gets a bad tooth ache. She visits the dentist and they tell her she cannot drink while taking the antibiotics. What’s a girl to do?

Meanwhile, Daddy and Hott Dogg finally “connect,” resulting in a loud round of applause from the roommates. However, the fun doesn’t last for long. When Tiffany calls her dad to hear how his doctor’s appointment went, he has awful news to share; his blood clot is getting bigger so he’s going to the hospital.

Tiffany says goodbye to her roommates to be by her dad’s side. Daddy thinks she might not be coming back. Do you agree or disagree with him?

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