Miranda Lambert: The Makeup’s Gone

But Her Beauty Stays Put

I have seen Miranda Lambert in false eyelashes, spray tans, shimmer eye shadow, nude lips, bold lips and all kinds of other cosmetics made to make her look beautiful. And yet, I’ve never seen her look more beautiful than she does in a new photo in People magazine.

It’s the one where she is wearing no makeup at all.

She looks very much like the Texas girl next door that we first got to know during her Nashville Star days. And it sounds like that’s her go-to look when she’s not on the road and making appearances on red carpets everywhere.

“I don’t wear a lot of makeup at home. When I’m just off and hanging out, I just put on some tinted moisturizer and sunscreen and mascara. And lip gloss! It’s kind of an addiction,” she admitted to the magazine, adding that husband Blake Shelton prefers her natural look and tells her as much.

“He’s one of those dudes who’s like, ’You look prettier without it,’” she said. “I think, ’Stop! Really? This took me three hours!’ But he doesn’t care. He sees me the same, whether I have a whole glam squad or I’m just hanging out at home.”

(Sounds just like the chorus from her Pistol Annies song “Being Pretty Ain’t Pretty”: Mama was simple/Sweet as the day is long/Daddy always said she looked better/With no makeup on.)

And even when Lambert is on the road touring, she handles her own glam responsibilities.

“On tour, I do my own hair and makeup,” she said. “That’s my time to focus and calm down, listen to music and warm up a little bit. I have a product bag the size of Texas. Just makeup and hair stuff and curling irons.”

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