Carrie Underwood on the Voice “Blessed by God”

Singer Takes to Time to Rave About Audra McDonald

In Time magazine’s recent feature on “The 100 Most Influential People,” Carrie Underwood had the chance to sing the praises of another singer — Audra McDonald.

Since graduating from the Julliard School in 1993, McDonald has graced the stages of musicals, operas, screen, television and recording studios, winning six Tony awards and two Grammys. She and Underwood got to know each other when McDonald appeared as Mother Abbess in NBC’s The Sound of Music Live!

So when Underwood had the chance to share her thoughts on McDonald, she said her friend’s soprano voice is one she “can only describe as being blessed by God.”

“I can honestly say that simply being in her presence was a gift,” said Underwood, who played the lead role of Maria von Trapp in the TV production. “She is mesmerizing. I would often find myself messing up lines or songs because I was in awe of everything she was doing as the Mother Abbess.

“I knew from the moment I heard her angelic voice that I was in the presence of greatness, and my thoughts about her were only intensified when I saw a glimpse of her amazing heart. I am proud to call myself her fan — and to call her my friend.”

Underwood goes on to describe the deeply-talented McDonald with words like beautiful and intelligent and then says she is never afraid to stand up for what she believes.

“Audra is a strong voice speaking out for humane treatment of animals, dignity for the homeless and marriage equality,” Underwood wrote.

She ends it with this: “I feel the greatest legacy she will leave behind lies in the works she does for others.”

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