Jennifer Nettles’ Mom Says “She’s Got This”

Confidence Trumps Any Maternal Concerns

“My first musical memory is her singing to me,” Jennifer Nettles told People about her mother. “Those are the songs I sing to my son now.”

And I have a feeling that Nettles’ mom — Carla Temple — may be joining her on those tunes for 2-year-old Magnus. She retired from teaching to help take care of her grandson, so both women probably do a lot of singing for the little boy.

But even though Nettles has fond memories of her mom singing to her, Temple claims she doesn’t know where all that singing talent came from.

“I was in awe of her talent. I’m just a regular person,” Temple said. “I used to ask her all the time, ’Where did you come from?'”

Nettles recalls her mom taking her anywhere and everywhere she was singing — musicals, church groups, weddings and funerals.

“I sang whenever I could,” Nettles said.

Now that Nettles can call herself a Broadway star after playing Roxie Hart in Chicago for eight weeks, Temple admits she was nervous to see her daughter take the New York stage.

“I cried when I saw her on Broadway,” Temple said. “I was so nervous for her. But then she did her first number, and I thought, ’She’s got this.'”

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