Kelly Clarkson’s “Funny-Slash-Horrible” Analogy

Thoughts About Touring With Dogs and a Baby

Kelly Clarkson never tours alone. She’s always had her band, her crew — and Wyatt and Security.

Those are her dogs, and in a way, it sounds like they were practice for eventually bringing a baby out on the road. That’s what Clarkson will be doing when her tour kicks off this summer and she has her 1-year-old daughter River Rose with her.

And because of her experience with Wyatt and Security (and her late dog, Joplin), Clarkson says she is ready for anything.

“This is gonna sound funny-slash-horrible but I already traveled with two dogs beforehand, so now I’ve just kind of switched out,” Clarkson told ABC News Radio, “And I will have the two dogs out with me on tour, but dogs are harder. Like, I have a baby, and I’m telling you, dogs are harder to keep up with than my baby!”

She may feel that way now when River Rose is probably just starting to crawl. But a couple of months from now when she has mastered a fast crawl and maybe even started walking, Clarkson may feel a little less prepared.

But her tour bus sounds ready for anything.

“Actually, it’s been really seamless, and my whole bus is baby-proofed. And we’ve got her crib on there and every safety precaution on the bus and stuff. So we’re really ready,” she said.

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