Thomas Rhett Shares Lessons His Mom Taught Him

"My Mom’s a Saint," He Says

Thomas Rhett’s father — singer-songwriter Rhett Akins — wasn’t the only parent dishing out good advice during the younger singer’s childhood.

Rhett says he owes so much to his beloved mother, who kept him on the straight and narrow growing up.

“My mom’s a saint,” Rhett says. “She’s a very, very sweet lady.”

She sounds like a sweet lady who raised a truly sweet son.

“Growing up, mom really made sure that I had my head on straight and was always getting me involved in the youth group and always getting me to go on youth group trips and to camps,” he said in a recent interview. “So she is a big, big reason I am the way that I am today.”

And for that guidance, he’s eternally grateful.

“Mom just instilled a lot of good morals into me, and I have a lot of my mom in me as far as morals go and, you know, just the way that we view life and the way that we love people.”

And though he’s always had — and still has — his country star dad to help watch his back in the music business, Rhett admits his mom was initially a little uncertain about her baby boy’s career ambitions.

“She was very skeptical about me getting into this whole thing in the first place, obviously for good reason,” he said. “And now that she’s seen me do it, she’s very proud of me. She’s one of my biggest fans.”

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