Party Down South: 12 Memorable Moments from Season Three

Good Times, Good Times

The Party Down South season finale is upon us Thursday, May 7, at 9/8c. But before your favorite Southern family leaves Biloxi, Mississippi, let’s reflect back on a few of the most memorable moments.

First, there’s Daddy’s spring cleaning:

And, Daddy’s watermelon drop kick:

There’s Murray as the “ring” bearer for Daddy and Tiffany’s engagement:

Professor Daddy’s history lessons:

The pool guy who had his work cut out for him:

Sadly, there’s that time when Walt second guessed his white T game after losing Hott Dogg to Daddy:

Walt dressing up as Hott Dogg:

Daddy’s gorilla dance moves:

Oh, and we can’t forget Mattie, aka Tiffany’s bodyguard:

Then, there’s Lyle dominating the hot dog eating contest:

Of course, we can’t forget meeting the roommates’ families:

And last but not least, Murray’s underrated reactions:

What are your favorite moments from this season? Share them below and catch the season finale Thursday, May 7, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the reunion at 10 p.m. PT/ET. And for exclusive news and video, photo galleries and more, head over to, the CMT app, the official Party Down South Facebook page and Twitter using #PartyDownSouth.

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