Family Comes First on Nashville

The Ties That Bind Deacon, Will and Juliette

First, the bad news about Wednesday night’s (May 7) episode of Nashville: Juliette cannot deal.

She’s suffering — so obviously — from postpartum depression that it really is putting a damper on the feel-good vibe this episode had going for it.

But now the good news: Deacon’s sister Beverly showed up, and she’s gonna do it. She’s going to help Deacon live — even though she was a drama queen about the million-dollar check Rayna had written her, ripping it up and mailing it back to her. The important thing is, something changed her mind, and now we can breathe a sigh of relief that Deacon can get a portion of her life-saving liver.

Before she showed up, though, Rayna finally had a meltdown about Deacon’s mortality. And he was willing to cancel his show at the Bluebird Café just to comfort her.

“Now that everybody knows, they’re talking about me like I’m already a ghost,” he said. “I want so badly to believe there’s gonna be some kind of a Hail Mary pass here, but I don’t.”

Now that Beverly has shown up, though, she is the Hail Mary pass.

Will might have a family pass of his own. His father showed up in Nashville after leaving him on the side of the road with nothing when he was 17. Should Will forgive him? His boyfriend Kevin doesn’t think so. He thinks Bill is just coming back around because Will is now a somebody. The ultimate test of that father-son bond will be how dad reacts when the tabloid photos surface of Will and Kevin on a romantic vacation.

Maybe Juliette will learn something about the importance of family from everyone around her in Nashville.

But in the meantime, she says she is working her cute little ass off and is furious when her friends and family stage an intervention because she’s neglecting the baby.

“You can hold hands and sing ‘Kumbaya,’” she yells, “and I’m gonna go to the studio and prove to y’all how wrong you are about me.”

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