Party Down South’s Lyle Boudreaux Engaged

Congratulations to the Happy Couple!

Lyle Boudreux, your favorite baboso from Party Down South, is engaged to girlfriend Santana Bordelon and the proposal is exactly how you think it would go down.

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Please ignore those roots. Eww

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US Weekly reports, Boudreux, 29, decorated his room with illuminated red Solo cups, and scattered rose petals on his bed. The proposal came on Cinco de Mayo in St. Petersburg, Florida, where the Party Down South cast is busy taping season four.

“I’m super excited!” Boudreaux tells Us Weekly of his engagement to Bordelon, a bartender and hairdresser. “My best friend said yes to marrying me, and I got approval from my roommates to go for it,” he explains. “This baboso is getting married!”

They’ve been dating for quiet some time now. And according to Bordelon’s Instagram account, they are madly in love. She recently posted excerpts from love letters Boudreux wrote to her. How sweet!

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@lylebdx hahaha. That's him falling in love..

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