Keith Urban Compares American Idol to the Lottery

Eight Highlights from His Facebook Chat

On Wednesday afternoon (May 6), Keith Urban took to Facebook to have a long chat about American Idol with his fans. And judging by the 21,000 likes and more than 4,000 questions, a lot of people were anxious to make online contact.

Even I asked one. I wanted to know, “What is the best stage of Idol for you? Watching the thousands of hopefuls in the beginning? Or crowning one worthy winner at the end?”

Urban wrote, “The whole journey, but specifically watching an artist grown across the season. That’s the best part of the job!!!”

So that was cool. But, really, all of his answers were cool. These are some of my favorites from the whole Q&A.

1. What is the most rewarding part of getting to do American Idol?

It’s an incredible feeling discovering extraordinary raw talent. It’s like showing up in a bunch of cities and getting a bunch of scratch-off tickets. And then BOOM, you get a winner!

2. Hi Keith! What is your favorite under the desk snack of choice this season?

Pineapple Lumps!!!!

3. If you were auditioning for Idol and you had to play one of your own songs, which one would you do?

Maybe, “Tonight I Wanna Cry”!?!

4. Will you please have Elton John as a judge!?!?!

Elton would be an amazing judge! I know Elton … one of the most opinionated people I know. He is very aware of new artists we aren’t even aware of! He would make a great judge!

5. Hey Keith! Who’s a new emerging artist people may have not have heard of that you’re enjoying?

Grace (Sewell) and also her brother Conrad Sewell!! They are both extraordinary!!!! I believe she is in the studio now with Quincy Jones! I also love Daley’s album Days + Nights!

6. Which Idol contestant — past or present — would you most love to sing with?

I would like to sing with Chris Daughtry!

7. If you auditioned for American Idol, what song would you sing?

I might just make one up on the spot!

8. What makes a standout performance for you?

It can be any manner of things, from how a person looks to how they sound. If they’re extroverted or introverted … something just speaks to me and gets my attention!

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