Recap: Party Down South: Bye Bye, Biloxi!

It's Been Real

The season finale picks up right where Daddy and Hott Dogg left off; continuing to offend everyone at Mudfest. This prompts Murray to send them to their room, or rather, their tent. Thank you, Sugar Bear.

There’s only one issue: Daddy and Hott Dogg can’t get in their tent. Daddy has trouble finding the zipper, so he just stares at the tent like it’s a Rubik’s Cube leaving him thoroughly confused.

“I dunno if this is cammo’d out or baboso proof!” explains Daddy.

Meanwhile, Tiffany and Lauren hear of a bikini contest where there’s a chance at winning big bucks. They immediately tell Mattie she’s gotta do it. However, Mattie isn’t feeling up for it because she doesn’t think she’s fit enough for it. Tiffany becomes a stage mom and gives her a great pep talk.

Then, Mattie runs to the stage where the bikini contest has already started. As soon as she gets on stage, she joins several other ladies in a dance competition.

“This is more like a booty shaking contest not a bikini contest,” explains Walt.

After all the shaking, Mattie earns a spot in the top three. This encourages Tiffany to continue yelling at Mattie like an angry stage mom at a beauty pageant. A little motivation never hurt anyone.

Between Tiffany’s aggressive coaching and Mattie’s stage presence, they take first place. And, the crowd goes wild!

“My booty brings home the bacon…I’m really proud of myself,” says Mattie.

The next day, everyone hurts from having too much fun the night before. Hott Dogg is super embarrassed for her previous behavior and apologizes to Murray. He accepts her apology and they go on their marry way. When they get back to Biloxi, Mississippi, Mattie and Tiffany want to keep the party going, so they make a soapy slide by themselves. It’s the second to last night, might as well make the most of it!

Later that night, Mattie lashes out at Hott Dogg because she took her fan. Their arguing sounds like two sisters fighting. But in the morning, Mattie apologizes to Hott Dogg for yelling at her. Hott Dogg understands and accepts her apology.

Now for my favorite part of the episode: the guys dress up like one another!

The entire house can’t stop laughing to the point where Hott Dogg ends up peeing her pants. Their impressions are so spot on, it proves this family is closer than ever.

After the night of comic relief, the family packs their bags. After everyone leaves, Daddy and Hott Dogg are left alone to say their goodbyes.

Maybe they’ll keep the romance alive or maybe it’ll fizzle out. What are your predictions? Share your thoughts below and catch The After Party reunion special to get the inside scoop from the cast.

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