Eleven Years of Miranda Lambert and Mason Jars

Porches, Pets and a Home Full of Love

Miranda Lambert’s debut song, “Me and Charlie Talking,” was about catching bugs (and love) in a Mason jar. And now, almost 11 years later, she’s singing the jar’s praises again.

Only this time, all she wants to catch is iced tea.

In a new story in Country Living magazine, Lambert talks about what today’s country means to her.

“When you visit someone in the country, they better offer you a glass of iced tea — in a Mason jar, of course,” she says. “It’s cliché because it’s true. Some of my best conversations have happened over the clink-clink of iced tea in a jar. It’s the soundtrack of country life.”

She also talks about the importance of front porches (“There’s something calming about looking out at wide-open spaces and trees as far as you can see”), living off the land (“I now have my own garden, but Blake is really the gardener”) and going overboard for her pets (“I spend way too much time planning our pets’ spaces”).

Here’s how to live like Lambert:

1. “I write best when I’m home on my porch with my guitar. The country is perfect for letting your mind drift to a creative place.”

2. “I love all things vintage, and I have a growing collection of salt-and-pepper shakers. I have about 50 sets right now, and it’s getting out of control. My favorite — a ’55 Chevy with an Airstream — came from a fan.”

3. “We’re building a new house, and I’ve been saving inspiration on Pinterest. A friend of mine recently said, ’I can see your Pinterest boards, and all you have on there are dog rooms.’ My husband and I have 15 rescue animals, and I’m like, OK, I probably need to move on to the laundry room!”

4. “My dad taught me to live off the land. This year, we’re planting tomatoes and strawberries to make jam. I have a little downtime this summer, so I’m looking forward to this task.”

5. “Growing up, my house was basically condemned when we got it, but my mother was determined to make it awesome. It had mismatched carpet, and the halls were creaky. But those little things that were imperfect were what made it perfect. It’s funny, because I had friends with really nice houses — with pools! — and they always wanted to come to our house. I think our home just had love.”

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.