Chris Young Releases First New Music in Almost Three Years

"I’m Comin' Over" Is First Single From Upcoming Album

We might want to hide that pile of dirty laundry, ladies, or at least throw it in a closet. It appears company could be on the way to our houses in the form of Chris Young and his new single, “I’m Comin’ Over.”

Never mind the singer’s incredible, velvet-like voice that can melt anything like pure butter on a stovetop. From what I can tell, this one will definitely have us pining away to be the subject of this song.

Young says the song “describes that feeling when you can’t get someone off your mind and you just have to be with them no matter the consequences.”

I haven’t gotten my paws on the track just yet, but I’m totally sucked in already just from his description. So is he literally going over to the house to make this sweeping, grand gesture? Is he chasing this love down with everything he’s got? I can’t say for sure, but I hope so. What gusto and romance. And don’t we all love a song that will seemingly capture that spirit of “I don’t care if it’s wrong or if it’s right, I’m gonna do it anyway!”

Well, we might just have it. Officially released to radio Monday (May 11), Young reveals it’s his first new music in almost three years, and he’s really excited to share it with the fans.

The song was written with uber-talented songwriters Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge, and it’s safe to say the tune could be a big preview of what’s to come from Young’s forthcoming album which he’s been working on all winter long.

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