Blake Shelton’s Five Tweets Get 5,000 Retweets

Celebrities and Media Take a Beating from Singer

What happened on Monday afternoon (May 11) that got under Blake Shelton’s skin?

Whatever it was, it sent him off on a Twitter rant and included comments about celebrities, news channels and young people.

The first one said, “To all you young people out there. Make up your own minds about this country and the rest of the world. Listen, read, watch and decide.”

Good advice, I guess. Unless Shelton meant that young people aren’t already listening, reading, watching and deciding.

Right after that, he wrote, “And remember that Hollywood celebrities opinions or mine for that matter are no better than yours. In fact I’d rather hear yours … #truth.”

Amen. Hard not to retweet that one.

Then, “Microphones only make a voice louder… Not powerful. Remember that.”

Well, it probably depends on who is holding the microphone. But for the most part, yes.

And one more, aimed right at the media.

“Oh and lastly,” he wrote. “When you watch the news channels, try to watch ALL of them. Every single one of them has an affiliation/agenda. Every one.”

He must think his followers have a lot of time on their hands if they can put in news-watching hours like that.

He ended with, “Ok sorry about the lecture. … Now back to my regularly scheduled drinking.”

That’s more like it.

When it was all said and done, as of early Tuesday morning, those five tweets were retweeted roughly 5,000 times.