Nashville‘s Not-So-Happy Ending

Season Ends With Unknowns

This is how Nashville celebrates being renewed for a fourth season? By leaving us hanging?

I hate not having closure after the season finale on Wednesday (May 13), but then again, do I really want to know what happened during Deacon’s surgery? Probably not.

Because when the doctor came to Rayna with bad news, it could’ve meant so many things. And none of them good. Deacon could’ve died, Beverly could’ve died, Beverly’s liver might not have fit inside Deacon’s body or a million other potential live-donor scenarios.

If the problem is with Beverly, like maybe she bled out during her surgery, I could live with that. Her attitude going into this was awful. She was not a cheerful giver. In fact, she told Rayna that she’d forced her into this.

“I’m not doing it for you, but I guess I’m doing it because of you,” Beverly hissed. “You put me in a terrible position when you showed up with that check. Because, you see, I’d either be the bitch who needed a million dollars to save her brother. Or I’d be the bitch who a million dollars wasn’t enough for. Either way, you come out the hero.”

She was kind of right. But either way, Deacon and Rayna’s operating-room wedding vows filled me with hope that love will conquer all.

For Deacon and Rayna, obviously, but also for Will and Kevin, who finally came out as a couple.

But I don’t think love can conquer much for Juliette and Avery. Once you throw a snow globe at your husband and newborn baby, that is pretty much a deal breaker. Not everyone is cut out for motherhood, and Juliette seems to prefer the stage over the nursery.

Meanwhile, Layla Googled herself, saw pictures of Jeff using her phone to tweet from Jade St. John’s party, then went all Before He Cheats on his car. And Gunnar, who makes everything about Gunnar, turned Deacon’s surgery into a songwriting session on the rooftop terrace of the hospital.

Oh, and Teddy finally got arrested.