Recap: Party Down South 2: Motorboats and Mustard

Hunter Hates Mustard, But Likes Kelsie

Party Down South 2 is back again! Your favorite crazies are back: Ashton, Bradley, Duke, Hunter, Karynda, Tommy and Raven. Oh, and a new roommate.

First off, how’s everyone been doing? Well, Ashton has a new boyfriend and is a changed woman, so she says. Hunter is single, and everyone else is pretty much doing the same thing. However, Bradley and Raven have been living together, with Raven’s dad. Raven explains it may be a bit different this time as she’s not single going into the vacation.

“But I’m a flirty person, like that’s my personality…” Raven explains.

Hmmm…wonder what that means? OK, moving on. Everyone gets to the house in St. Petersburg, Florida, and they are ready to party. No hard feelings – the roommates are happy to see each other. No joke!

“Here’s to one of the best spring breaks we’ve ever had,” celebrates Duke.

Then, a bomb is dropped on the house. A very pretty blonde bombshell, Kelsie.

“Did someone order a new roommate?” Kelsie announces.

Hunter is smitten at first sight, and so is Duke, and so is Karynda as she wants to motorboat her. But, Kelsie keeps it classy and she refuses. This makes Karynda a tad bit upset. It’s a rite of passage!

“No throwing up. [Just] drink and no drama,” Ashton proves.

But it doesn’t take her long until she passes out as usual. Hey, it’s to be expected on the first day. Meanwhile, Duke competes with Hunter for Kelsie’s heart.

And as Duke would say, “May the best man win.”

What Duke doesn’t know is there’s a family crisis a’coming sooner than he expected. Sadly, Duke gets a call that is all to real: his father tells him that his granddaddy has passed. Raven rushes to his side – she just knew something was wrong. At this point, you see both Raven and Bradley put everything aside and help a friend in need. Raven did lose her grandmother, so she feels for him.

“I’ll be back brother, don’t worry about me,” Duke explains.

He needs the support of his roommates at a time like this, so Hunter and the rest of the house is kind of glad he got the news at the house. They all care for him so much. Tommy even starts crying because he knows what Duke is going through, considering his grandmother was his best friend. So, everyone gets in a group hug. This proves the house is really a family, not just a handful of Southern partiers.

“Celebrate his life. I guarantee that’s what your granddady would want you to do,” Hunter says.

So, they drink another beer and start a game of truth or dare. Karynda is the first one to be dared — she must jump in the pool naked, of course. Then, the second dare: Duke and Kelsie have to make out. Shortly thereafter, Hunter is dared to make out with Kelsie.

“I love being the new girl and everyone thinking I’m hot. It’s so cool,” says Kelsie.

The night ends with Hurricane Hunter coming in strong with a cuddle session in Kelsie’s bed. Duke’s not very pleased, but it lights a fire under him.

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