Carrie Underwood’s “#LifeIsGood” Moment

"They Have My Heart," She Says

Mike Fisher is married to Carrie Underwood, but he doesn’t tweet very often. In fact, he’s only done it 1,358 times.

So when he does have something worth sharing — and it includes a photo of their new baby boy, Isaiah — you just have to be thankful for Twitter and selfies and babies.

Fisher posted a brand new selfie with 3-month-old Isaiah on Friday (May 15), just saying, “Me and my little man #lifeisgood.” About 1,200 people have retweeted it since, including Underwood.

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Me and my little man #lifeisgood

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“They have my heart … #Repost,” she wrote of the photo of her two guys. And more than 3,200 people retweeted that tweet.

If this keeps up, Isaiah Fisher might need his own Twitter page pretty soon.

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