If Kenny Chesney’s Bus Could Talk

"All Those Zeros Just Rolled Over"

One of my favorite Kenny Chesney songs is on his latest album, The Big Revival. It’s called “If This Bus Could Talk.”

I like it because I am crazy about songs that paint a picture of life on the road and because Chesney wrote it with Tom Douglas (“Meanwhile Back at Mama’s,” “The House That Built Me,” “I Run to You,” “Love’s The Only House”). But Chesney sounds like he likes it because the tune reminds him of his early days on the road. Literally a million miles ago.

“I always thought it was important, no matter what happened, to keep (our bus) Moby on the road. He’s seen it all — and it reminds me and the guys who’ve been here from the beginning where we came from,” Chesney said of the bus’ latest milestone. The odometer just rolled past the 1 million mile mark.

“Talk about heavy. We were on Interstate 64 headed west, just passing exit 24 — and all those zeros just rolled over. It was a used Silver Eagle when I bought it — and the bank had no business lending me the money ‘cause all I owned was a little pickup and my guitar,” Chesney said. “But I knew if I owned my bus, we could keep doing this, keep bringing the music to the people.”

Mission accomplished.

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