Luke Bryan: “We Feel Honored That We’re So Blessed”

He’s Loving Life With Wife and Three Boys

When Luke Bryan was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday (May 19), he opened up a little bit about how his family is growing and how teenagers cannot be fooled.

Bryan and his wife Caroline took in Bryan’s nephew after the 13-year-old’s father died late last November. Til’s mom Kelly (Bryan’s older sister) passed away in 2007.

“Now I have my 7-year-old boy Bo and Tate, who’s 4, and we have my 13-year-old nephew Til. My wife is just running around,” Bryan said of the busy schedule that is the new normal for their household.

He joked about the age difference, too.

“You can kinda control a 7-year-old a little bit, but you’re not fooling a 13-year-old,” he admitted. “But we love it. We feel honored that we’re so blessed to be able to take him in.”

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