Recap: Party Down South 2: Two Can Play at This Game

Is It over for Braven?

In the recent episode of Party Down South 2, Hunter wakes up and realizes he’s cuddling with Kelsie. Not a bad place to be, according to Hunter. In contrast, this means Kelsie’s getting ridiculed the moment she wakes up. When Duke tries to play it cool by giving her a hard time, Kelsie is mortified. However, everyone knows he’s just fuming inside with jealousy.

Next, Ashton tries to talk to Kelsie about who she’s feeling in the house.

“If you do need a girl though, I mean like, I love new friends,” says Ashton. “Do you think [Hunter] is cute though?”

“Not like boyfriend cute,” explains Kelsie.

That’s surprising, considering there’s major flirtation going on between these two. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if the chemistry continues through the end of vacation. Oh, young love.

Not too long after Kelsie gets grilled by the entire house, the roommates decide to explore the new city. At the beach, Karynda scores a free drink just by asking. Then, she manages to snag a free crab leg from a woman dining at the restaurant. She loves the St. Petersburg locals. We wonder why?

At lunch, the house asks Kelsie to share more about herself. In a nutshell, she explains how she’s majoring in public health and dreams of going to grad school.

“You’re way too smart to be with all of us,” says Hunter.

Later that night, they hit up a local bar and single Hunter is ready to mingle. There, he finds his dream bartender – she’s exceptionally beautiful. While he and Bradley gush over her like two schoolboys, Tommy beelines it to a bachelorette party. Jackpot!

“I’m in heaven right now. This is the place,” says Tommy.

Across the dance floor, Raven and Kelsie are breaking it down, having a good time together. Raven’s getting pretty silly and decides to grab a guy’s butt as he walks by. Never does this guy try to talk to her — it’s just a little love tap.

Bradley sees Raven being sassy and can’t stand it. He decides that she needs a taste of her own medicine, so he comes up with a plan to flirt with the hot bartender. The only issue with his plan is that he’s not in Raven’s eyesight to make her jealous.

“This girl’s so hot. I’ll drool over her all I want. But when it comes down to it, I would never cheat on Raven,” says Bradley as he’s giving the bartender the eyes.

Why do I feel like Bradley is taking inspiration from Cindy Crawford when he’s flirting?

But I digress. Bradley gets the bartenders number and gives it to Hunter. This makes Hunter think Bradley’s being a great wing-man. However, it’s not totally clear if Bradley was ever his wing-man at all. Don’t call that number, Hunter! Don’t do it!

Bradley immediately heads over to Raven to argue more about the booty tapping. Raven rolls her eyes and semi-makes up with him.

“What’s the big deal, Bradley. It’s just the booty. I grabbed it. I didn’t do anything,” confesses Raven.

Once they get back to the house, Tommy gives the bachelorette party a sad attempt at a lap dance.

“He might look like a Chippendale dancer, but he can’t dance like one,” says Ashton.

Cue the awkward turtle.

However, there happens to be one girl who finds his awkward turtle moves attractive. At this moment, he whisks her away for a private house tour as the roommates keep the other ladies distracted. Now, that’s what you call wing-men.

“Come on, Tommy. Pull the trigger already. We can only distract these nut jobs for so long,” says Hunter.

Tommy may have scored with this lady, but it seems very unclear as the party of girls calls it a night and heads home. He won’t confirm nor deny — what a gentleman.

The next morning, Bradley wakes up and heads straight to the kitchen to explain his logic behind talking to the hot bartender. Here’s his so-called plan: after he invites the bartender over, she’ll find that Bradley is in fact in a relationship with Raven and change her course, heading straight for Hunter. Raven doesn’t buy it for a second.

Later that day, everyone comes together in the living room to talk about how much they miss Duke. Kelsie subsequently feels left out because she doesn’t know him as well as everyone. This inspires her to call her mom. She was expecting the partying but not the tight family bond.

“Give it a little time and have fun,” says her mom.

That evening, the roommates head out for dinner where Bradley begins pushing Raven’s buttons.

“This reminds me of a high school relationship,” says Tommy.

You can tell Raven has had enough of Bradley. She wishes he would calm down and be that person she remembers from when they first started dating. But, there’s no hope.

Back at the house, they play a round of flip cup and cornhole. Hunter says Bradley is going to break up with Raven.

“Not being with Raven is my biggest fear,” says Bradley

The next morning, Raven confides in Karynda about how it’s over between her and Bradley.

“I obviously want to break up with him…When we first got together, he was actually really sweet. But, I haven’t seen that person again,” explains Raven.

Who do you think will break up with who first? Will it be Bradley or Raven? Or, will they stay together? Sound off in the comments below and catch Party Down South 2 every Thursday at 9 p.m. PT/ET. And follow along for exclusive news and video, photo galleries and more on, the CMT App, the official Party Down South Facebook page and on Twitter using #PartyDownSouth 2.

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