Brad Paisley on Opening for Rolling Stones

He'll Need More Buckets After June 17 Show in Nashville

You’re probably excited about Brad Paisley opening the Rolling Stones’ June 17 gig at Nashville’s LP Field, but nobody is as stoked about it as Paisley himself.

During a Wednesday afternoon (May 21) visit with Nashville-based media, he talked with some about the upcoming show. Here are some of his remarks and humblebrags:

On needing more buckets:

“See, the bucket list thing already happened. I sat in with them on their last tour … but I only did a song as a guest,” Paisley recalled of the 2013 concert in Philadelphia. “So I was like, ‘OK, great. That was awesome. I’ll never forget that.’ And then my manager calls me a couple of weeks ago and says, ’Do you want to open for the Stones?’ … it was ’Yeah!’ I’m on my third bucket at this point.”

On being an opener again:

“In many ways, it’s a strange learning curve. I haven’t done a show where I’ve opened for somebody in a while. And not only that, it’s a totally different crowd. So all the challenges of being an opening act, I’m going to be reminded of that,” he said. “I know I’m going to walk out and it’s going to hit me: ’Oh, yeah, I forgot about how this feels.’”

On what he thinks the Stones will think of him:

“They’re probably just going to be sitting there going, ’When is this guy done?'”

On Mick Jagger being 72 — and still being Mick Jagger:

“Mick is a great guy,” Paisley said. “I’ve been around him a couple of times. He’s a total 100-percent pro when it comes to what he does, but at the same time, he’s really humble. But you never get past the fact that this is Mick Jagger.”

On picking up a few new tricks:

“I’m the one going, ’Oh, that’s how you do that.'”

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