Carrie Underwood’s Creative Ammunition on “Little Toy Guns”

Co-Writer Chris DeStefano Talks About the Writing Session

I can’t even imagine what it’s like to sit in a room with Nashville’s best singers and songwriters and come up with something worthy of recording.

But in an interview in the weekly Billboard Country newsletter, country hitmaker Chris DeStefano did a nice job describing the “Little Toy Guns” writing session with Carrie Underwood and one of their frequent collaborators.

“I brought the ‘Little Toy Guns’ track into the writing session with Carrie and our good friend Hillary Lindsey. All the parts were there, but no song yet,” DeStefano said.

First, they were going to call it “Wooden Guns.”

“Hillary heard this riff I was doing in the verse and thought it could be cool to open up the song with it,” he said. “So after a quick edit, we began writing it.:

Then Underwood had an idea that changed the title and tone of the song.

“Carrie reacted to it and put a really great spin on it, calling it ‘Little Toy Guns,’ and began to talk about how it could be a story about a girl who hears her parents arguing and how she wishes words didn’t hurt like they do,” he said. “We all felt very strongly on the subject. One of my favorite lines is from Carrie: ‘Fighting at the drop of a faucet.’”

That line, DeStefano thought, was brilliant.

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