Hunter Hayes’ “21” Almost Completes List

Go From Age 15 to 22 in Song

Hunter Hayes has a new song called “21.” It’s all about being up all night, chasing the sunrise and partying like you just turned 21. Oh, and going crazy, getting drunk on good love and dancing all night.

Perfectly age-appropriate things, right? And, as Hayes points out in the bridge of this tune, “Ain’t nobody wants to act their age/Ain’t no sense in us living this way/You and I, girl, we gotta get away/And make tonight the best night of our lives.”

Hayes’ “21” fits right in with the other songs about turning, being or feeling a certain age. One of the things I love about this song is that it almost completes the playlist that could take you from 15 to 22. As it turns out, the first and last songs are by the superstar he toured with in 2011.

“Fifteen,” Taylor Swift

“Only Sixteen,” Dr. Hook

“Forever Seventeen,” Tim McGraw

“18 Til I Die,” Bryan Adams

“Hey Nineteen,” Steely Dan

“22,” Taylor Swift

(And for the much, much later years, there’s “I’m 50,” a short song Molly Shannon once performed in a Saturday Night Live skit.)

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