Darius Rucker Brings New Favorites to Southern Style Tour

Headliner Sings Praises of Brett Eldredge, Brothers Osborne, A Thousand Horses

Sure, we’re all loving and listening to Darius Rucker’s latest album Southern Style these days, but who is he digging, musically speaking?

He says three rising artists have his ears,

First up? The Brothers Osborne.

“Their harmonies, man, it just kills me when brothers can sing like that, you know?” he says of the sibling duo of John and T.J. Osborne. “It kills me, and I love it.”

A Thousand Horses also made Rucker’s list, not only because they are talented but also because they are a great “hang,” which is equally as important as being a great musician in this business.

“The last year, I’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with those guys and doing stuff together and playing shows together, and I think they are great,” Rucker says. “I love what they do.”

And last — but certainly not least — is Brett Eldredge, a guy everyone seems to absolutely adore. Rucker is no exception.

“There’s just something about that kid,” he says. “I mean, his voice is so special. I love him. I think he’s awesome.”

Indeed, all three acts are pretty awesome. Which is exactly why Rucker enlisted them to join his Southern Style tour this summer.

Rucker had been wanting to tour with Eldredge and admits he wanted to act fast, noting that the “Mean to Me” singer will probably be a headliner next year.

The Southern Style tour with Rucker, Eldredge, A Thousand Horses and Brothers Osborne continues this week in Pennsylvania with stops Friday (May 29) in Scranton and Saturday in Philadelphia.

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