Inside Carrie Underwood’s Idol Heaven

She Reflects on Anniversary of Her Win

Monday (May 25) was a big day for Carrie Underwood. It was Memorial Day, obviously. So she tweeted out her gratitude to everyone who has served our nation.

“I hope you all are enjoying #MemorialDay. I am so thankful for those who have sacrificed their lives to keep us safe & free. #GodBlesstheUSA,” she wrote.

But she also recognized the other reason the day was so important. It was the 10th anniversary of her American Idol win.

“So hard to believe it’s been 10 years,” Underwood posted on Instagram with a photo of her from the night of her win. “I’m forever grateful to American Idol for changing my life! #blessed”
Once her name was announced that night, she had to take the stage one last time and sing –through emotion and tears — her debut single “Inside Your Heaven.” She’s come so far since that night, and yet, what makes Underwood such a star is that she hasn’t let the fame of the past decade go to her head.

In other Instagram news, Underwood is hoping she has the right connections to score good seats to the Rolling Stones show in Nashville this summer.
“This is awesome! I wanna go!!!!! Brad, hook a girl up with tickets,” she said when she reposted Brad Paisley’s announcement that he’d be opening for the Rolling Stones.

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