Inside the Mind of Party Down South Creator SallyAnn Salsano

Get the Scoop on This Season of Party Down South 2 in St. Petersburg, Florida

Things sure have changed since we first met the Party Down South 2 family in Biloxi, Mississippi. And to many fans, it’s like a totally different dynamic this go around.

To help make sense of everything, we brought in the expert of all experts: SallyAnn Salsano, @sallyannsalsano, Founder and President of 495 Productions, also creator of Party Down South and Jersey Shore. She knows everything there is to know about your favorite roommates, first hand.

How do you think the cast has changed since season one?

It is so interesting to me – I think the cast took a second to get into the groove. But now, they’ve arrived in St. Petersburg, Florida, like bulls in a china shop. They definitely came in with guns a blazing. I think they understand how things play out on camera because they’ve seen themselves on TV.

When they watch the show back, they can finally hear their roommates defending them. That’s when they realize how close they are in the house – like brothers and sisters. They understand that underneath it all, they are there for each other no matter what. So I think they are more open with their emotions this season because of that.

What are some of your favorite dynamics in the house so far?

I love the Wrecking Crew, Hunter and Tommy. It’s so funny to me because they are so guys that age. You watch them and think, oh, I’ve been that guy or I know that guy.

Raven and Karynda are also great. And I love the Raven and Bradley dynamic this year. So much time has passed – now they see what we all saw as viewers. I think they realize how much their relationship affects the house.

Since Bradley moved in with Raven and her Dad, she’s grown up a bit. When things go down in front of your parents, you can’t hide the relationship. When a relationship is new, it’s new. And all you see are puppies, flowers and stars. But in reality, a relationship has ups and downs and patterns. And I think she started to see the patterns.

As for Hunter and Duke, I don’t think they can ever tell the difference of who’s in the lead with winning Kelsie’s heart. Duke is such a good ole boy; it’s going to take a certain type of girl for him. I think it’ll be a city girl who’s sick of being crapped on and looking for a good dude. He’s going to come along and save this girl.

You know the roommates better than anyone. How’s the rest of the crew really?

She’s the one that still doesn’t know herself yet. I wish I could live with her for the next three years. I would tell her, it’s against the law to have a boyfriend. She’s still unsure of herself and has never stood on her own two feet. She’s going to be the one that looks back and says, oh my gosh, I was so young.

I love her. She’s awesome – she’s really good for the group. There’s parts of each of the girls’ personalities in Kelsie. She’s probably the least like Ashton, but she can still relate to her.

I love Bradley – he’s actually very sensitive. It makes me wonder how things would have ended up if he chose to be with Ashton. I don’t know if they would have had drama or they’d be married by now. I just can’t decide.

He’s a hero. I could never be a firefighter – I’d be the one running out of the burning building to save myself. Tommy is just a very solid guy. And you’ll see later on, he loves Bradley enough to be honest and call him out.

My heart totally broke for him when he lost his grandfather. I knew he was dreading the phone call, but I think it was a bit of relief.

He had a girlfriend last season, and was also such a stand-up guy to her; never cheated and never wandered. But you can tell he wasn’t really himself. Now, you’ll notice he’s single and can be more himself this season. He truly is a good guy.

Any advice for Kelsie as she finds her place in the family?

I’d say, hang in there girl! I think Kelsie is doing a great job, especially after coming into the house with Karynda greeting her at the door.

Do you see yourself in any of the roommates?

For me, I’ve been all of them in different stages in my life. I’ve been Ashton, who feels like she needs someone there at all times. I’ve been Karynda in the sense that I was always kind of one of the guys that got into the mix. I’d probably most identify with Kelsie since she’s a little bit of all of them rolled into one. As for Raven, I’ve always had a best friend that’s been that exact type of girl.

If you had to live in the house with the family, what would you bring to the mix?

I’m not that much different from them. Is that terrible?

I think I’d be a little bit like the house mom. Maybe it’s the old woman in me, but they need a good home cooked meal and they need to clean up more. Even when I had my house down at the Jersey Shore, I’d always be the one that wanted to know what we’re having for dinner. I was like the old woman, but that got super annoying because everyone just wanted to drink instead of worry about dinner.

If Party Down South 2 were to meet the Jersey Shore crew, who would hit it off and who would have beef?

Karynda might be part of the Pauly D and Vinny party. I think those three would be hilarious together and even with the addition of Hunter and Tommy. Raven would be great with Snookie, Deena and Jenny. I also feel like Sammi and Kelsie would totally hit it off. Sammi gets along with everybody – she’s great. You have to be a super open minded person to do something like this, so they’d all hit it off in the beginning.

What are your favorite things about Party Down South that makes it different than Jersey Shore?

Everyone’s so similar; Party Down South 2 is grilling and smoking meat, and Jersey Shore is making pasta and chicken parm. But their issues, problems, dating and partying are all kind of the same.

Party Down South is just a different kind of kid. For me, I love getting involved in a sub culture and delving into their lives. This cast just shows you how a part of this country lives.

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