Billy Currington Keeps Summer Forever

Georgia Upbringing Kept Him Close to the Ocean and Lakes

Temperatures and hemlines are rising, which can only mean one thing: Summer is on its way, and Billy Currington is not complaining.

The Georgia native says summer is his favorite season, and it’s all because of his Southern upbringing.

“I’m a big fan of not being cold,” Currington says. “I grew up in the warmth. I grew up in the sunshine most of the year. We probably had one month of some cool weather down in South Georgia. So, every time summer comes, I think beach, I think lakes … whatever … just being outside.”

And being with a surfboard was a common occurrence.

“That’s basically what I did,” he says. “I lived and breathed the ocean, fortunately, because I lived on it — or close to it — and it works for me. Everything it has to offer is everything that I am.”

His love for summer no doubt inspired the title to his forthcoming album, Summer Forever, which will be released Tuesday (June 2). It contains “Don’t It,” a smooth smash that just this week became his ninth single to top Billboard’s country airplay chart.

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