Recap: Party Down South 2: Girls Night!

Could This Be the End for Bradley and Raven, aka Braven?

In the recent episode of Party Down South 2, the girls kick things off with a good old fashioned girls night. The guys promise to stay home only if they do the same for their guys night when Duke gets back from visiting home. Deal.

Before heading out, Raven confesses she might even want to flirt with a few guys at CJs. She’s so sick of how things are going between her and Bradley, it’s time for a mental break.

So off to the bar they go. Ashton, Karynda, Kelsie and Raven arrive with confidence through the roof – they sure are in their element.

“I haven’t had this much fun since I was single,” says Raven.

But most of all, Karynda is dancing up a storm when she finds herself in the middle of a dance off. And you know how much Karynda loves to cardiac arrest, I mean, dance. She’s meets her match on the dance floor when her opponent busts out some pretty weird dance moves. Even crazier than her cardiac arrest. Hard to believe, I know.

Back at the house, the guys are getting wild and crazy. Bradley is so much more fun when he’s not around Raven, which pleasantly surprises Hunter and Tommy.

“I kinda like this Bradley,” admits Hunter.

However, Bradley’s coolness factor drops when he starts imagining Raven flirting with guys at the bar. He can’t seem to shake the idea of her looking for love elsewhere. Foreshadowing?

“What if Raven brought a dude back?” asks Bradley.

Guess you’ll have to wait and see, Bradley. While his head is spinning, Raven’s at the bar trying to be what she calls a wing woman. But not just any type of wing woman; she’s planning to use the same technique Bradley used when he was a so-called wing man for Hunter. As Raven trolls the bar, she finds herself talking to a few guys. Then, all of a sudden, she meets the DJ who’s busy spinning and carefully listening to whatever’s in his headphones – you know, doing what DJs do.

“This is the Barbi that I love. Relationship who?” celebrates Karynda.

Raven is smitten over this DJ and immediately asks him to write his number on her arm. This situation looks all too familiar. Oh that’s right, Bradley previously flirted with a hot bartender to get her number for Hunter, of course.

“Hey Bradley, payback’s a bitch,” giggles Raven.

After the girls call it a night and arrive back at the house, Bradley sees the number written on Raven’s arm and gets super mad. Raven fires back by explaining she got it for Karynda. And immediately following this conversation, Raven then falls asleep in her suitcase. Yes, her suitcase.

The next morning, Tommy calls Duke to let him know he’s missed. What Tommy doesn’t know is that Duke is on his way to surprise them. The band is finally back together!

That same day, orientation begins for their new jobs. Raven is not excited, but if she can catch a tan, she’s all in.

“If you can’t tone it, tan it,” says Raven.

Welcome to Hubbard’s Marina where the family has to shell out shrimp, get people on and off the boats and put kayaks and paddle boards out. Oh, and if you’re hung over, the punishment is to clean the shrimp tanks. Ew.

Once orientation wraps up, the family heads home to start getting ready for another night out at the bar. This time, they find themselves at a bar equipped with a mechanical bull and Duke gets very sexual on it, according to Karynda.

Later, Tommy meets a girl who’s a baker with amazing dreadlocks. He later gets into a weird conversation about baking bread and immediately gets turned off. To offset this awkward situation, Tommy enlists the help of Kelsie. She starts pretending to be his girlfriend so the other girl will stop talking to him. That’s a solid friend right there!

Meanwhile, Raven wants Bradley to leave her alone and tells him that she’s done all while the gang is getting ready to leave the bar.

“This is one thing you cannot walk away from,” says Bradley.

Raven turns around and walks away.

“I think tonight’s going to be the end of our relationship,” says Bradley.

During the cab ride home, Raven tells the girls she’s going through something very personal. She starts crying in the cab and that’s when Ashton really feels for her.

“We moved way too fast. There’s nothing there anymore,” explains Raven.

Upon arrival, Raven and Bradley go straight for the backyard to chat.

“Raven, I don’t want to be with you anymore,” confesses Bradley in sort of a soap opera-esq way.

“Ditto,” says Raven.

The episode ends with Raven crying in her bed while Bradley stands outside with his head in his hands. How sad! I’m sure we’ve all been in some type of break-up situation like this – it’s never easy.

Is this the last of Braven? Will they get back together the next day? Share your predictions below and catch Party Down South 2 every Thursday at 9 p.m. PT/ET. And follow along for exclusive news and video, photo galleries and more on, the CMT App, the official Party Down South Facebook page and on Twitter using #PartyDownSouth 2.

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