Kip Moore: Pipe Dream Coming True

He Launches Comeback Kid Skatepark Project

Kip Moore announced what he called his “passion project” on Wednesday (June 3) in Nashville. The endeavor, Comeback Kid Skatepark Project, will fund five parks in Tennessee, Maryland, Texas, Massachusetts and Georgia.

“What started off as a pipe dream of mine years ago has truly become a passion project,” Moore said. “It came from me wanting to give kids in inner cities a safe outlet where they can form the bonds I know can be made from having somewhere awesome to go and be a part of something they enjoy.

“I wrote the song ’Comeback Kid’ at a time when I felt like a comeback kid, but now when I sing it, I think less about myself and more about the kids we are doing this for and how much I admire and respect them.”

Moore wrote the “Comeback Kid” following the death of his father.

“I watched my dad just work so hard, man, for so little and really scrape to get us by,” he told Billboard in 2014. “We had six kids, and I really got to see the struggle. I wrote a song really speaking to those people doing the daily grind, getting by, with big families — the construction workers, the factory workers, those kind of people. I wrote that for them, straight to the heart.”

The skate parks, designed for all ages and levels of skateboarders, will be up to 3,000 square feet in size and will have quarter pipe, bank-to-curb, hubba ledges, hand rail and step-up features, and are.

Moore’s second album, Wild Ones, will be released on Aug. 21.