Recap: Party Down South 2: Bringing Home the Bacon

Creator SallyAnn Salsano Takes You Behind the Scenes

In the recent episode of Party Down South 2, Bradley tries to distract himself from the breakup by roasting a pig, which goes completely wrong. Then, Karynda sets her sights on a hunky man at work named Joe. And finally, guys night turns into one sloppy night, while the girls, donned in camo, have even more fun by staying in and getting crazy.

Here’s SallyAnn Salsano’s, creator of Party Down South, take on the episode as she shares a few things you didn’t see.

1. You mentioned the pig cost about $300 dollars, how long did it actually take Bradley to prep everything?

Let’s just call it a classic case of biting off more than you can chew. It took Bradley much longer than he anticipated but just as long as his roommates thought it would. In total, it was a 24 hour ordeal for Bradley, and if it weren’t for “Chef” Duke, this pig roast would have ended as badly as Bradley and Raven’s relationship was going. If Bradley ever says, “Trust me, I’ve done this before,” proceed with caution.

2. What would you like to share with fans that surprised you?

Fans probably wondered how the family showered for 12 hours while the pig was in the shower. They didn’t!!! While the guys couldn’t care less, you can imagine four girls not being able to use the bathroom for 12 hours. It was not a fun party for anyone in the house.

3. Can you tell the fans how Raven was acting the day after their break-up, especially while Bradley was distracted by his pig roast project?

Bradley and Raven are always so up and down which is why the roommates just roll their eyes after awhile because no one can tell which way their relationship is going to go, other than Raven will love Bradley one minute and hate him the next. To be honest I get it — it’s hard, they are so young. And, Bradley is pretty needy.

To say she was conflicted puts it mildly. It’s really interesting to see how they manage the relationship moving forward later this season. This is just the tip of the iceberg for these two.

4. Do we know anything more about Karynda’s crush at work, Joe?

Joe is a super quiet guy — the strong silent type. He looks good on the deck of a fishing boat, and when you try to talk to him about something interesting, he still looks good. Karynda definitely set herself up for some fun and some serious awkwardness at work. You’ll die when you see what happens next week.

5. Anything you’d like the fans to know about guys night? Anything they didn’t see?

The wreaking crew, plus Duke and Bradley, were so into getting wreaked that they had no idea about the hook-up opportunities they missed until they see this episode along with everyone else. They could have been lucky with the St. Pete ladies if they had taken a minute to stop wreaking themselves and noticed what was going on around them. But then again, that’s half the reason why we love these guys.

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Watch a sneak peek before next week’s episode. When the guys come back from their night out, the girls decide to hide and spy on them stumbling around the house.

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