Dierks Bentley Answers the Big Questions

He’s People’s Country’s Hottest Guy, After All

Dierks Bentley already had the “Country’s Hottest Guy” honor bestowed upon him by People, and yet he upped the ante even more by being refreshingly honest in the cover story interview.

For example, when the magazine asked Bentley what he wears to bed, he admitted that it’s not much.

“Honestly, I sleep best wearing nothing. But with kids, I’ve learned to sleep with underwear very close by, if not wrapped around one of my feet, so I’m ready to go if something happens,” the father of three admitted. “I remember somewhere in his 70s, my dad started wearing a nightgown — like an old-school grandpa gown! I can see how that might be somewhere in my future.”

If anyone could look good in an old-school grandpa gown, there’s no doubt it would be Country’s Hottest Guy.

Bentley also talks about his perfect date (Sunday morning with his wife, the newspaper and mimosas) and the superpower he wishes he had (cloning).

“To be able to temporarily clone my wife (Cassidy) and me so we could be with our kids, but then also get more alone time,” Bentley said.

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