Luke Bryan Gets Close to Fans at CMA Music Festival

Goes Acoustic for Fan Club Party and Electric for LP Field Performance

He might be a massive country superstar now, but Luke Bryan still remembers how to break it down and keep it real.

And I’m not talking about breaking it down onstage in those tight jeans. I’m talking about breaking down his wildly entertaining stage show and keeping things acoustic for his fan club party during the CMA Music Festival in Nashville.

Of course, Bryan delights in wowing a crowd of thousands at LP Field during the nightly concerts, but don’t be fooled. His up-close-and-personal performances for fans mean just as much to him.

“I did my fan club party, and I truly love that opportunity to do that show for them really, really kind of acoustic and a chance to kind of sit there and be real with them for a little bit,” Bryan told reporters backstage at LP Field over the weekend.

A chance to get face time with the poster boy of country music? Umm, sign me up for that dream-come-true, too.

For Bryan, the entire CMA Music Festival experience is still difficult to grasp. After all, he wasn’t always the biggest name on the scene.

“I always remember my first ones starting out and doing the river stages and always dreaming of coming over here and performing at LP Field,” he said. “It’s an amazing night of music and an amazing week for Nashville, and it’s a great, great week for me.”

And that’s what the CMA Music Festival is all about — a chance to see your favorite stars make the career transition from side stages to small stages to the biggest stages of them all. And the stars as still around to give fans a hug, a selfie or an autograph.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.