Eric Church Opens for Eric Church

Fans Get a Surprise Acoustic Set During Early Service

Well, Mama is always telling me I need a little more church in my life. She’s talking about Eric Church, too, right?

Of course she is. And if you and I had been one of the fans in the audience of Church’s recent appearance in Orange Beach, Alabama, that’s exactly what we would’ve gotten — more “Church,” as the singer took the stage a little early to entertain fans before his regularly scheduled time.

Yes, Eric Church opened for Eric Church. Sort of like an early service and a later service.

The singer took the stage at the Amphitheater at the Wharf to surprise more than 10,000 fans with a 45-minute acoustic set before his entire band joined him for the big show.

Which means Church basically rocked everyone’s world with 28 songs for nearly three hours.

We shouldn’t be surprised at such a move. Church has been very clear from the get-go that no two shows on his critically acclaimed Outsiders World Tour will be alike.

And lest we forget that time his entire band was stricken with terrible sickness and Church played an entire show solo for an arena of eager fans…

There’s no denying the facts: he’s the biggest badass in country music.

Apologies to my mama for my language, but when it comes to that “Church,” I think she’d understand.

Church’s Outsiders World Tour, which Billboard has ranked No. 1 on their Hot Tours list, fires back up Saturday (June 20) in Marion, Illinois.

View his performance of “Like a Wrecking Ball” at last week’s CMT Music Awards.

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