Kelsea Ballerini Cast Her Best Friend in First Music Video

Singer Explains Love/Hate Relationship With the Camera

Kelsea Ballerini has only made one music video in her life, and it’s a damn good one. So when she came backstage after the CMT Music Awards late on Wednesday night (June 10), I had the chance to ask her all about making the video for “Love Me Like You Mean It.”

First she told me what she loved. Then what she didn’t.

Ballerini loved casting her best friend for the video.

“I loved almost everything about it. Mostly that I got to have my dog and my best friend in it. So it was like a party all day,” she told me. “My friend has always wanted to be an actress, but she’s doing other things now. So I called her up one day and said, ’I have an acting job for you! In my music video!’ She almost didn’t believe me. But we had so much fun.”

Her friend plays one of two pals when the three girls get together with a group of three guys for some wholesome fun — a game of Twister, musical chairs, marshmallow roasting and a dance party — on someone’s patio.

The only part Ballerini didn’t love about shooting the video was her realization that she needs to work on her acting skills.

“I am just not a good actress,” she admitted. “It took about seven tries for me to look at someone without laughing. I’ll get better though. It’s just a stretch for me.”

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