Recap: Party Down South 2: Hot Tub Cry Machine

Yo, Bro, Let's Have a Broment.

On the recent episode of Party Down South 2 there was drama between so many of the roommates. First, we have Bradley and Raven, of course. Then, we have Kelsie and Tommy’s drama — very unexpected — all because Tommy wanted Hunter all to himself for more bro-time. Jealous much?

“How much bro-time do you need, bro?” asks Kelsie. They were just trying to have a broment as their budding bromance gets even more broey.

Surprisingly, the drama is slightly different between Bradley and Raven. In fact, it’s Bradley that’s crying this time. Here we see Bradley’s softer side, and this softer side comes with a pool of tears.

Alright, Bradley. We’ll give it to you — people get very emotional when they’re drunk. Now, let’s get creator of Party Down South 2 SallyAnn Salsano’s take on all this drama.

Bradley says, “I might be a douche, I might be a dick, but I deserve to be loved.” What do you think he’s really sad about when he says that?

Listen, we all react to heartache in different ways. Whether you love him or not, Bradley has had his heartbroken several times before. Sometimes it’s because he was at fault or someone else was. That makes him super insecure in all of his relationships. Just my opinion — I too can relate.

How long was Bradley crying outside in the hot tub?

It’s hard to put a time stamp on this, honestly. You have to feel bad for the guy, but ya gotta let him get it out. Sometimes he was just waiting for someone to come out for some one-on-one time.

In the beginning of the episode, Bradley and Raven looked so happy on their mini-golf date. Do you know who won?

Bradley won mini golf by one stroke. And coincidentally, he almost had a stroke while crying the next day.

What happened to the hot bartender after Bradley met up with her last? Is she dunzo?

The hot bartender is still pretty hot. Will you see her again? Does she have a date with one of the roomies coming up? What happens will put a smile on peoples faces for sure. I just can’t say why.

Now for a few random questions:

Tommy likes Bill Clinton?

I’m pretty sure it’s because they’re both from Arkansas. But who knows, it’s probably because they like the same beer. Or, cause he likes to party.

Bill Clinton, do you want to join the Wrecking Crew?

What kind of omelet did Hunter make for Kelsie? And was this the only time he made her breakfast in bed?

Hunter made Kelsie a cheddar cheese omelet plus a side of bacon (because all girls love bacon, duh). This time, he did it because he was being sweet. Next time, he might be doing it because he’s in trouble.

Anything else you want to share about this episode?

Before Raven got sick, Bradley was actually going to get lucky but Karynda, god bless her, kept walking in and ruining the moment. Was she doing it on purpose so she didn’t haven’t to deal with those two getting back together or was it simply a Karyn-duh moment? I’ll let the fans decide.

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