Blake Shelton Helps Neighbor Weather Storm

Oklahoma Man Said Passerby Who Rescued His Truck Seemed “Normal but Tall”

Thursday (June 18) was Blake Shelton’s birthday. But it turns out, he was the one offering gifts this week — like helping a complete stranger when he had a hitch in his gitalong.

Roho Hartman was the recipient earlier this week during the tropical storms that made their way to Oklahoma.

Shelton was driving around the Ardmore community and saw Hartman struggling to push his truck up a hill in knee-high water. (Actually, some reports say that water was waist high. But either way, it sounds awful.)

Hartman and another good Samaritan were pushing — somewhat unsuccessfully — his stalled truck when a passerby in a Dodge truck pulled up with a much-needed tow rope.

“The guy said, ‘Are you ready?’” Hartman told KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City. “That looks like Blake Shelton. That’s exactly what I thought.”

Once the truck was towed, though, Hartman still needed to get home.

“I said, ‘Hey, could you give me a ride home?’ He said, ‘Where do you live?’ I said, ‘Just right over yonder,'” Hartman recalled.

Then, like any good husband, Hartman let his wife know who was driving him home so she could prepare to meet a country music superstar.

“I said, ’Blake Shelton pulled me out and he’s gonna go ahead and bring me on home. You better slick up. We’ll be there in just a minute,'” Hartman warned his wife.

Shelton posed for a photo but so far hasn’t mentioned anything about the episode on his website or via social media. You have to admire that.