Why Alan Jackson Writes Alone

Angels and Alcohol Coming in July

Alan Jackson has a new album coming out in a few weeks. It’s called Angels and Alcohol, and he wrote the majority of the tunes by himself, including the title track.

It’s not that Jackson has anything against co-writers and collaborators. He’s just kind of gotten used to doing it his way. The country legend explained his standard operating procedure to Billboard during the recent CMA Music Festival.

“I’ve been doing that for a few years now,” Jackson said. “When I got started on Music Row, I would write with different writers. Then, once my career took off, I was gone all the time — playing a couple hundred shows a year. You weren’t home long enough to wash your clothes. I ended up writing a lot by myself, and it just kind of stayed that way.”

As for the title track of the new album, it isn’t quite as serious as it sounds.

“I didn’t write it from a deep, dark place,” he said. “You’ll have to hear the lyrics to understand, but it’s one of my favorite cuts on the record.”

Angels and Alcohol is set for release July 17.