Carrie Underwood: Most Wanted Babysitter

New Mom Is Winning in Today Poll

Granted, Carrie Underwood has only been a mother for less than four months. But she must give off some kind of strong maternal vibe, because when it comes to the celebrities who non-celeb moms would hire as babysitters, Underwood is winning.

NBC’s Today has revealed the results of a new survey done with 800 tech-savvy millennial moms. The moms were polled on their parenting habits, and among the questions, they were asked which celebrity they’d hire to watch the kids. If any.

Not all of them would even let a celeb in. But 64 percent of the moms admitted that they would. A night out is a night out, am I right?

And of those 64 percent, 30 percent chose Carrie Underwood as their go-to sitter. She was the No. 1 choice. Maybe because she’s a new mom, but maybe also because she did a very convincing job playing the governess Maria von Trapp in The Sound of Music TV special.

Other childcare potentials on the short list included actresses Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman and singer Adele.