Recap: Party Down South 2: Double Shot of Heartbreak

Creator SallyAnn Salsano Dishes the Dirt

On the recent episode of Party Down South 2, Bradley and Raven’s relationship finally reaches its breaking point, which leads to an epic guys’ night and Duke reeling in two girls. Meanwhile, Kelsie and Hunter’s fling starts to unravel, the guys and girls split up, hit the bars and crank up the flirting.

And there was so much more happening behind the scenes that creator of Party Down South and Jersey Shore, SallyAnn Salsano, wanted to share a few nuggets of insider information.

1. Besides Raven and the girls moving Bradley’s stuff while he was out, did they get wild back at the house?

The girls definitely celebrated single Raven with lots of shots and funnels before playing a pretty drunken game of charades that ended up with them all rolling on the floor in the kitchen, laughing hysterically. Karynda actually ended up peeing her pants on the floor which was Raven’s cue to put her to bed.

2. Why was Ashton sleeping while all this hilarity was going on?

Ashton normally goes to bed just before everyone else, but on that night, she was still recovering from the night before when her boyfriend, Alex, visited. She had been hungover all day, to the point where she napped at the beach with floaties on top of her.

The late nights just caught up with her, so she slept through girls-night-in.

3. Did the bartender really just walk away after Bradley asked her for her astrological sign?

Let’s just say that Bradley’s pickup lines that night were a little rusty. The bartender wasn’t too impressed at first but he did stick in there and keep trying during the night, ending up getting her number again.

4. How many girls do you think Bradley kissed while out for guys night?

There really was only the one girl Bradley kissed that night. Maybe it was because he didn’t want the bartender to see him making out with everyone and ruin his chances with her.

5. Did Raven get any action at the bar while the guys were at the other bar across the water? She looked very friendly with that beefy dude!

All the girls had a blast at that bar! If you want to find out what happened, you’re going to have to watch next week.

6. Also, what’s your favorite country song right now, SA?

I’m actually a big fan of John Rich. His song “Lost in This Moment” always brings back great memories of a show I worked on with him. And, I love Taylor Swift!

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To tie you over, here’s the sneak peek of the next episode.

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