Carrie Underwood Prepares “Most Amazingest Album”

She Reveals New Details About Upcoming Music

Well, this is going to pique the interest of pretty much anyone who has ever loved Carrie Underwood’s music.

In a call with country station WMZQ-FM/Washington, D.C., Underwood gave a full report on the status of her upcoming album. She jokingly called it “the most amazingest album ever.”

And not only that, she also said that the music is almost done.

“We are definitely getting close,” she hinted about the completion of her next album. “I can’t stamp any final date on it right now, but as it stands, I have a couple more songs to go in and figure out. And then I think we’ll be done. I don’t want to ever say, ’No, we’re done,’ and then some amazing song comes through.”

As for which songs will make it onto the amazingest album, Underwood says she usually writes about half the songs. But if she found songs better than her own, she’d be OK with that.

“I’m brutal when it comes to my own songs, especially,” she said. “I want the best stuff, whether I wrote it or not.”

At a time when many country artists are leaning a little more toward pop and rock, I was thrilled to hear that Underwood’s country is going to lean a little country.

“Overall, it’s kind of twangy in a different way,” Underwood said. “It’s hard to describe. The people that like me will be like, ’Oh, this sounds like Carrie.’ But it’s definitely a new chapter.”