Recap: Party Down South 2: If the RV’s A’Rockin’, Don’t Come A’Knockin

Creator SallyAnn Salsano Shares Her Take

The gang takes an RV trip to the Mud Bog. Raven goes four-wheeling, and Hunter and Kelsie make a serious decision about their relationship, and Duke gets caught between two girls. Go Duke!

Oh ya, and this happened.

Creator of Party Down South 2 has more to share about the recent episode. Here’s her take on all the wild and crazy moments:

1. How much time is Ashton really spending on the phone every day to make her roommates feels as if she isn’t there for them?

Hang on a second. I’m on a call with Ashton.

Kidding! But, kind of not. She will tell you it wasn’t very often but video can’t lie. She spent at least a good two hours on the phone a day with the boyfriend or the mom and that’s on the low estimate. For some folks, it’s hard to be away from that contact you normally have constantly and for better or worse, she had a hard time staying off the phone.

2. How long were the guys looking at the caterpillar?

An odd amount of time. That was totally a boy thing — boys are weird like that. There are a lot better things i can think to do with 45 minutes of my time, but it was also oddly fascinating watching them watch.

3. Was Duke showing any anxiety about bringing the two girls back to the RV? How did he pump himself up?

He was for sure nervous. He tries to talk tough but the more you watch the show, you can tell he’s a softy so he was probably just as shocked as you when the two came back but he’s also smart enough to know to roll with the punches. His boys helped pump him up too.

4. Why haven’t we seen Tommy talk to many women throughout this entire season? What how was his flirting game this season? We haven’t heard as many “I’m a firefighter” pickup lines!

Good news: he’s still a firefighter. Bad news: he lost his wrecking crew wingman hunter to kelsie so it’s a bit rough out there. Tommy will tell you that he didn’t realize how much he said he was a firefighter until he watched season 1 and made a promise to himself to never say it again… But when i talk to him on the phone my first question is always, “Hey, are you a firefighter?”

5. Anything else fans should know about 209?
I don’t want to give away any secrets but i do have a suggestion for a new game everyone can play. Watch back all of this season and every time bradley cries or fights with raven, take a drink.

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Catch a sneak peek at the season finale. Enjoy!

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