See Where Taylor Swift’s “Tim McGraw” Was Born

A Look Inside Her Childhood Home

One look at Taylor Swift’s current real estate portfolio — thanks, Glamour magazine — and it’s obvious how far she’s come since she was just a budding singer-songwriter putting pen to paper in her bedroom in the suburbs of Pennsylvania.

A bedroom that you can see in this timeline the magazine put together of the many places that Swift has called home.

They have every stop of her journey, from the six-bedroom house in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, to the seven-bedroom penthouse in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood that she bought a year ago.

But I’m stuck on this one at 78 Grandview Blvd. that the Swift family sold when they moved to Nashville in 2004.

Because I know this is where so many of her first songs, like “Tim McGraw,” “Teardrops on My Guitar,” “Our Song” and “Picture to Burn,” came from. (Although she admitted to the Washington Post years ago that her first songs were really just poems.)

Once the her family moved to Nashville and Swift started making her first record, back in Pennsylvania the new owners got busy renovating the 1927 home. And when they were gutting the kitchen, they found something else Swift had written when she lived there.

It was a note she wrote about a trip to Disney World.

“She must have written it in sixth or seventh grade. It said ‘I love Disney World,'” the homeowner told

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